Tour of Uganda 2015 / 2017
My first Welling tour to Uganda was back in 2015. I remember the mixed feelings of nerves and excitement as we landed in Entebbe. Everything was different; the people, the climate, the facilities. But it did not take long before I really felt a part of the community, and a part of the schools that I went to coach every day. The relationships that were built with everyone, from the Ugandan volunteers, the children and the teachers were instant, despite spending just 4 days with them. The tournament days were incredible, I have never seen anything like it. The rewarding feeling I got from watching the teams show what they had learnt as well as their fellow students and teachers who had come to support them will never be beaten, and that was when I knew that this was something I had to do again. And I did. In 2017, I was asked back as a team leader and of course I jumped at the opportunity. Seeing the same little faces at the orphanage, and the progression on our community project at Bwerenga School was truly amazing. It was good to go back with more of a responsibility and it was an honour to be a part of and lead such an incredible Welling team, and even better to see each individual grow every day, the way I would have done 2 years before. After that tour, I reached out to the TRT and to Welling School to inform them that I would be happy to continue my involvement in their work with the Trust and with Uganda, and fortunately, I was asked back. The 2019 tour is already looking to be another incredible journey as we venture out to other parts of Uganda to continue our work with some of the most unprivileged children and areas in the country, and I cannot wait to get started…

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