Tour of Uganda July 2019

Welling School has been involved in several projects, both locally and further afield, in an attempt to benefit all members of the community and also to give essential life skills and principles to the students involved.


In July 2019, in partnership with the Tag Rugby Trust (TRT), we are hoping to take 17 of our students to Mbale and Jinja, Uganda, to coach some of the most underprivileged children, from government schools and orphanages, on how to play the game of Tag Rugby. 
This project will bring amazing benefits to both the visiting children from Welling and to the
children to be visited in Uganda. By supporting our students you will be giving them the opportunity to make a positive difference, create change, build confidence and develop leadership skills. They will get to experience a cultural immersion that will truly change their lives. 
In Uganda
Around 1000 Ugandan children from at least 6 schools in some of the most deprived areas of the
country will participate in the two week event which will culminate in a Tag Rugby Festival where
a number of the children will take part in an organised competition. 


The fundraising and organisation of the trip, the two weeks of coaching Ugandan children and their teachers in Tag Rugby and the climax of the festival will leave a memorable mark on the lives of our students, whichcan only benefit their development and gain them an invaluable experience and insight into the lives of other children. A pre-departure visit to some of the natural wonders of Uganda, will be the pinnacle of what we expect to be a positive and ‘life-changing’ experience. 

If you would like to support our students Please visit our just giving page.

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