Tour of Uganda 2017

Uganda for me was a massive eye opener, it has helped me gain an understanding of who I really am. Before traveling there I didn't really do a lot for people, I expected everything to be done for me however everything has changed since being back. Im a lot more of a thoughtful and understanding person and I appreciate every little moment in life. 


I think so many more people should be involved with trips like this because it really does change you as a person, you gain a lot of life experience throughout and it makes you appreciate a lot more. People look at these trips and think I couldn't do that, I couldn't deal with being that dirty, I couldn't deal with not having my phone for that long but all of those thoughts disappear when you engage with such amazing human beings. I would love to have the opportunity to go back, I genuinely believe I will travel back there many times wether it is part of a group or on my own. 


The tour leaders for me made me feel so welcoming, I felt so comfortable around them and I knew I could ask them anything and they would help me. They wanted us to have the most amazing time and we did. All in all the experience was incredible!

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