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Welling School has been involved in several projects, both locally and further afield, in an attempt to benefit all members of the community and also to give essential life skills and principles to the students involved.


How we work

We believe in the power of Tag Rugby to change lives for the better. Our work simple, with clear objectives. We use Tag Rugby to promote positive change: Education, community development, gender equality. Giving both boys and girls the chance to play together as part of a team. And as part of that team, we help them to learn new things and give something back to their community. 



Students and staff Painted the exterior of the school and constructed a new roof which has had a huge impact of the education in the community.

2019 - UGANDA

Taking 17 of our students to Mbale and Jinja, Uganda, to coach some of the most underprivileged children, from government schools and orphanages


Students and staff cemented in around 120 posts to be part of Bwerenga Schools security fencing around the school allow the students to feel safe in thier learning enviroment

2017 - UGANDA

In July 2017, a group of staff and students went to Uganda with the Tag Rugby Trust. The group raised over £35000 to fund a project where they taught Tag Rugby in some of the poorest areas of Jinja and Entebbe.

2015 - UGANDA

18 staff and students fundraised for 2 years to meet the cost of the entire trip. coaching over 400 children in Jinja and Entebbe as well as organising a tournament in each area

Students and staff built a much needed extension to Bwerenga School which is being used as an extra classroom and play room for the children.

2011 - ZAMBIA

10 Welling students and 4 staff, travelled to Lusaka, Zambia to coach some of the most underpriveleged children from goverment schools and orphanages in the area


Where the journey started!

What can i do to help?

You can do absolutely anything to raise money towards our projects. If you need a little inspiration Here are a few ideas to get you started!

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The Tag Rugby Trust

The Tag Rugby Trust (TRT) is a UK-based charity that connects with young people and their communities worldwide. Quite simply, we use the power and simplicity of team sport to engage with and educate individuals. Our accessible, community-led programme helps to develop the skills of individuals, as well as providing vital social and humanitarian support. The positive impact of our programme leads to lasting change within whole communities, both in the UK and in developing countries. 

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