Friday 12th Tournament Day!!

Today was simply amazing. The children from the schools in today’s tag rugby tournament were brilliant. They were all so energetic, passionate and had all progressed so much from the very first day of training on Tuesday. Despite the team I managed throughout the day, Jalilu primary school, not winning a single game they were all so happy to had took part.

As well as managing a team of my own I also got to referee various games which as well as being extremely stressful was even more rewarding and satisfying especially when knowing that other leaders with a high knowledge of the game like Fortunate said I did an impressive and professional job. Refereeing in the tournament, especially one of the finals, was probably my best part of my Uganda experience so far.

After the tournament we spent the evening at a hotel to eat good quality food and swim in the freezing cold swimming pool. Amazingly we managed to give fellow Uganda leader Laurent his first ever experience in a swimming pool even if it involved a rubber ring.

At the end of the day we had to say goodbye to many of the Uganda volunteers which was without a doubt the hardest thing I’ve had to do so far. I really feel like I made a strong connection with Julias who helped me over the last three days coaching our school children and learning the rules of the game to referee also. I gave Julias a pair of my trainers and he was so happy to have them. Giving him this gift was honestly amazing and it’s really sad to see how the things we might take for granted can mean so much to people like my friend Julias.

Tom :)


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