Tuesday 9th

Today was our first day teaching the children, we woke up at 7:30am and had breakfast. Then we split into our groups and took the mini bus to our designated schools. I (Mickey) started off at a school in Mbale town and another school in a more rural area where there were 2117 students we stared off with games like bulldog and stuck in the mud trying to get the children learning basic skills like passing backwards and tagging. Which I and the children really enjoyed.

Me and my group (Charlotte) went to two different schools and really enjoyed ourselves! The children were amazing at tag rugby and were familiar with the game, they were very pleased to see us! We walked through the town to get lunch and to go to the other school, this was a real eye opener as their way of life is completely different! I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing, there were goats, cows and chickens everywhere! Everyone in the town is so welcoming and they all wave and greet us as we walk by, which is lovely for us to experience.

Our dinner tonight tasted great and we are all about to have our briefs regarding our days!

We are all enjoying ourselves and are looking forward to the day ahead. Everyone is safe and sound, although we are missing home, we are having a great time!

With love, Mickey and Charlotte xx


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