We are coming home! ✈️

Hi everyone, I cannot believe that our Uganda adventure has come to an end! The 2 year journey to this point has been totally life changing and an experience that will live with me forever. We finished today with a truly deserved day at a local hotel as a reward for all the sweat, blood and tears that we have experienced over the last 2 weeks. The ultimate highlights have been swimming, rowing and rafting the River day Nile; working with the amazing children on the Kisima 2 island — a beautiful place!

And finally watching our amazing Welling School students grow and learn so much about themselves. Their commitment, resilience and enthusiasm has made this whole Uganda experience extra special!

Miss Humphrey x

Another tour has come to an end, and it has definitely been the toughest. Travelling across Uganda to three different parts of the country has been exhausting, but so worth it. Mbale was beautiful, and it was great to teach Tag Rugby to a new area. The tournament was excellent and the quality of rugby on show was very impressive, bearing in mind none of the schools were familiar with the game.

Week 2 in Jinja was amazing as always. It was so good to see some familiar faces as well as meeting and working with some new and very talented Ugandan volunteers. Tournament day was incredible, as expected. The quality of rugby on show was unbelievable and a pleasure to watch/referee.

We end the trip here in Entebbe where we have focused on our community project at Bwerenga School. Having been on the 2015 tour where we first invested in this school, it is amazing feeling to go back and see how they have progressed in both their facilities and size.

Uganda 2019 has been a pleasure. The Welling students have been credit to the school and it’s been so good to see each of them grow in different ways over the last two weeks. Onto the next one.

Christian x

Yet again another incredible emotional rollercoaster ride here in Uganda. The country itself and the children in it hold a very special place in my heart always. The Welling students have thrived of the culture and fearlessness that the Ugandan children have and for that the Welling students will be different people from this point forward.

A special boy that has really touched my heart would be Trevor, a street boy who thinks he is around ten years old, abandoned by his family but taken under the wing of an amazing women called Fortunate while being in Jinga. He has come out of his shell heaps and bounds and I am privileged to be apart of his journey to a loving family and a bright future ahead. A few of us will be funding his schooling and personal costs, and I will do all I can to make his life just as blessed as mine. To be able to do this for one child is extraordinary but to give a legacy to over 1,000 children over these two weeks has been the most phenomenal experience for me and has left me utterly speechless.

Amelia x

After 3 incredible tours, the 2019 adventure brought the new challenge of being an adult volunteer rather than a student as in the pervious 2 tours. For the past two weeks I have watched the welling students embrace all the different obstacles which they have faced, and they have done so with my a positive attitude. To witness the joy on the students faces as they interacted with the children of Uganda was heart warming, because I knew exactly what they felt and also how special those moments were for them. As the days have pasted it has become very clear that every student has taken something incredible from this experience - something which will stay with them for many years to come. Lastly, just a huge thank you to all of the students and staff for making Uganda 2019 unforgettable.

Olivia x

So the Welling School Uganda 2019 tour has finally come to an end. A physical and emotional life experience that has impacted on all involved. Coaching in Mbale seems like a distant memory now but the cramped living conditions, the familiarisation into a different environment and the demands of coaching Tag Rugby bonded the group instantly. Jinja continued to inspire and also brought with it the Source of the river Nile and the chance to experience White Water Rafting as a reward for all the hard work.

The skills and demands all had to change in Bwerenga when the group put down their Tags and rugby balls and picked up spades and pushed wheelbarrows full of concrete in order to build a perimeter fence around the school adopted by the Welling Tag Rugby tours. Living with orphaned children in their houses was also unforgettable .

For me, this has been the most demanding tour. Planning the itinerary for over 18 months with Trev Martingell and Rob Newman, we gambled with the amount we included. We needn’t have been concerned. This group of Welling students have risen to that challenged and have exhausted every ounce of energy to change lives, including their own.

They have certainly changed mine and the lives of my staff team with their resilience and determination and watching them shine above every challenge has been extremely humbling. Their challenge now is to take everything they have learnt through this experience forward in their lives to be the best people they can be. With this, I have complete confidence and look forward to hearing of their future journeys.

My staff team have been the best, as role models for the students and ensuring that their experience is a special one.

The TRT staff have become one of our own. Looking after us like we have known them all our lives. Thank you Rob Newman, Fort, Eunice, Laurent, George and Tom. You helped us make this trip special. Thank you to all the parents, families and friends of all our team, for being a vital part of our students journey.

Thank you to the staff and students of Welling School.

But most of all, thank you to our wonderful Welling students on the tour. Take this learning experience and make people’s lives a little bit better.

We are coming home!


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