Monday 8th - We have arrived in Mbale!

Today we have arrived in Mbale after a 5 hour journey. Although the journey was long it was fun and the scenery of Uganda is beautiful. After chilling at the Terrance Inn we played and recapped over tag rugby skills. Whilst playing tag rugby and games we met some of the local tag rugby members who will be joining us in the schools we will be visiting tomorrow. We were put into different coaching teams for the 5 schools morning and afternoon and started to plan what we are doing tomorrow which allows us to communicate together and get to know each other better.

We are excited for the next 2 weeks for all the adventures that are coming up, we are excited about meeting all the children and having fun as well as white water rafting down the nile and experiencing staying and helping in the orphanage. We are missing home as it is far but with everyone here and the support we have grown to become one big family already.

Jasmine & Hannah :)


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